Salt Angel Blue

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Launched on 11th May 2015, Salt Angel Blue was an online magazine compromising of author led articles about real-life, reviews and everything in between. Salt Angel Blue was an effort to combat the stream of fake news and clickbait flooding social media feeds. Friends, colleagues and online authors submitted articles based around a monthly theme, which were then edited and designed into online articles. The magazine was then promoted on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Newsletters to the online community. The magazine in its original format lasted until May 2016, posted 150+ articles, gained 100+ subscribers and regularly received 1000+ hits per month.

“Salt Angel Blue is a monthly online magazine released on the 11th of every month. The mag a digital playground of creative activity. Imagination writes the rules. Opinion pieces, reviews, creative musings, confessions, drawings, photographs, videos; it’s all there. Visit the website to get an insight into some of the sharpest minds this corner of the internet has to offer – – Let’s do something different.”


Example articles:

Living with bipolar

By Phil Airson So this is kind of a strange article to write. (Always a good start). This topic is so personal to myself and my family, it is something that some of my closest friends hate to talk about and tend to avoid the subject, something I can’t discuss with colleagues as if I do, I may as well be throwing a flame on the fireworks that are my career potential. It’s something that I put all of my effort into hiding from you and to be honest I will still try during this article using clever quips and humorous moments to keep you amused and not think about the actual awful topic that is….dun dun dun……living with Bipolar disorder.

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Eating meat sucks. Being vegan sucks.

By Kris Makuch Welcome. Hi. This is a story about the time I tried to be vegan and failed miserably and consequentially found out the drawbacks of both eating meat and eating vegan. See. It all started about a year ago. I joined Netflix after finally giving into the years of the constant email abuse that gently chipped away at my fomo. I just simply had to join and see all of those original and unique shows that I was missing out on.

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Life as a military wife

By Eden Milne I’ve not exactly been a military wife for long but I am and it’s a huge part of me. TV shows give a false view of this kind of life, it makes out that it’s a whole community where everyone knows everyone and they’re all best friends who get together on sunny days and have BBQ’s out front hillbilly style. Unfortunately for me this isn’t my experience. My neighbours are nice, we’ll exchange smiles in passing or take in a package for one another but for the most part, I actually find being a military wife quite lonely and overwhelming. I wouldn’t change my husband, our life or the decisions made for the world but I’m just lucky I have such good friends and family that keep me sane.

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Thespodyssey Podcast, series one, episode twelve

Season 1 Finale (Episode 12) – Will there be a cliff-hanger…..!? Rachael encounters a mobility scooter attack. Andrew thinks he put his foot in it. A response from Jamie’s Italian and we reveal results of our tweet poll. Also we review The Hollow Crown Season 2 (Henry VI Part 2) ,Hand to God, Sunset Boulevard & Father John Misty’s ‘I Love you Honeybear’

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