Kris Makuch

Creative, innovative and dynamic with a flair for design, enterprise and team management.

Great at ideas, finding solutions and simplifying complex problems.

Kris is the marketing and comms lead for UK Fin Tech multifi, overseeing all external and reputational activity. Kris oversees all marketing, PR, and brand strategy and successfully managed the launch of the company to partners and media in 2023.

Before this Kris was Chief Digital Officer at Coriolis Technologies, where he designed digital trade solutions for the world of trade and trade finance. Specialising in digital technology, design, and marketing, his background includes the role of Director of Digital at Cicero, where he consulted for top firms in the FTSE100 and supported the growth of Cicero and subsequent acquisition into the global media agency Havas Group. His successes include multiple brand and marketing awards across corporate, consumer and media industries.

Career highlights

Successfully launching multifi, a new technology brand to the finance space achieving key media coverage and converting key users to the platform via digital marketing.

Growing and establishing the Coriolis Technologies brand as a leading producer of data and analytics for trade and trade finance.

Designing and developing the user interface and experience of an industry-leading ESG Rating product.

Supporting the growth of Cicero/AMO and the subsequent acquisition to Havas Group 2020.

Establishing a profitable business line for Cicero/AMO focused on Content Creation, Digital Comms, Marketing and Brand Strategy, generating 1.5m+ revenue since Jan 2015.

Managing an award-winning team of digital professionals that continue to exceed client expectations.

Consulting with international organisations such as HSBC, American Express and the Football Association.

Working for David Lynch, The Cure and meeting Tim Minchin.

Freelancing for Disney, BT and the Olympics 2012.


A highly experienced strategic advisor, nurturing mentor and close compadre to cross-industry professionals. Great at presenting, collaborating and driving positive culture. Collected respective awards for design, marketing and digital campaigns.

Further reading

Broader enterprises include; one animation studio, one music  & sound design business, one t-shirt company, one online magazine and one alternative-rock album. Currently writing a sci-fi novel. Can run long distances. Loves gardening. Plays and mean guitar and an angry harmonica.