Congo Connect, Event Material Design 2013

Brochure design and event stand production


Congo Connect was a non-profit organisation campaigning against human rights abuses in eastern Congo. Raising awareness and galvanising action through events and the arts by bringing people together to achieve specific goals to ending sexual violence, impunity, issues of leadership and the illegal trade in conflict minerals in DRC.

Working with the amazing Nicola York and Millie Harvey in 2013, together we created materials for I Dream of Congo: a unique exhibition combining words and images from renowned international creatives alongside a groundbreaking exhibition of photos taken by women in eastern Congo. We developed¬† brochures and event stands that outlined the many accounts of hope and optimism that pervades in the region despite years of war. The event was a great success and in a letter from William Hague in reply to our campaign, set out the action the UK government was taking to tackle the problems of sexual violence, impunity and conflict in eastern DRC. Some of the original spreads from the brochure are below…¬†